Search & Rescue (SAR)

Reliable & portable solution for advanced rescue & salvage missions

Investigations & Assessments

Quality images are essential in search and recovery as operators require a clear view of the water to identify their target. The FIFISH ROVs deliver clear imaging through its lumen LED lights and UHD live camera system. In addition, the FIFISH can maneuver and rotate with 360 degrees of freedom in the underwater environment, reaching a clear viewing angle of the target.

Before a successful recovery is carried out, a detailed visual assessment of the surrounding environment is essential to understand and minimize the human risks involved in rescue operations. The small-sized and mid-sized FIFISH ROVs are an efficient, affordable, and durable solution to carry out all-important initial environmental assessments to optimally coordinate comprehensive search and rescue missions.

Object & Subject Identification

In murky underwater environments, FIFISH ROVs can be equipped with various imaging sonar systems that allow search and rescue teams to identify and re-identify areas where the target of interest may be. The Imaging Sonar offers single and dual-frequency models, unparalleled image quality in a compact, rugged form factor, and depth rated to 300m, with ultra-fast update rates and wide horizontal/vertical apertures to effectively identify underwater elements in targets in various turbid conditions.

Integrated with the FIFISH APP, the ROV's 4K camera and lumen LED lighting system -along with the added imaging sonar- is an optimal and efficient solution to identify the subject at hand, producing an exact location and visual verification that is suitable and essential for search and rescue missions.

Victim & Object Recovery

The compact and efficient capabilities of the FIFISH ROVs result in a cohesive teamwork with scuba divers in recovering elements, from heavy vehicles to sunken victims. To produce the best outcomes, the various parties above and below shores need to communicate extensively on search, navigation, and salvaging strategies. The real-time 4K UHD feedback from FIFISH ROVs allows for effective communication and coordination between onshore operators and underwater dive teams.

FIFISH offers a safer as well as faster response, and often a more cost-effective solution. With hours-long diving lengths, the search team can remain in the water for more consistent periods, allowing missions to be completed more efficiently.

Location Tracking of Subjects

To get precise and accurate details on the location of potential subjects, the FIFISH ROV can be equipped with its self-developed Underwater Quick Positioning System (underwater GPS). With the U-QPS, search and rescue teams can get detailed dive path recordings, real-time location display as well as labelling points of interest (POI) through the integrated FIFISH APP on a PC or smart device.

Utilizing and combining various mapping softwares to display and track the ROV’s path of movement, Search and Rescue teams can accurately track the location of its subjects and perform salvaging operations with elevated accuract and efficiency.