Offshore Energy

Increase your capabilities & reduce risks for comprehensive subsea operations

Comprehensive Assessments

The combination of the FIFISH's compact size, rugged build, smart systems, expandable capabilities, and flexible movement provides an optimal solution for professionals operating in the offshore field. With complex and unpredictable hydrological conditions surrounding offshore working platforms, QYSEA’s autonomous solution aims to minimize the human risks of traditional scuba diving methods and boost performance in the working field through a seamless operating experience with real-time feedback.

Pile foundations of offshore rigs can be frequently monitored and maintained through a simple and quick deployment of the FIFISH Underwater Robot. Examine the conditions of essential beams, buoys, and boards in dual 4K UHD clarity and at up to 12,000 lumen LED brightness.

Advanced Inspection & Maintenance

The FIFISH's all-directional mobility and powerful motor enable movement across strong currents and the ability to reach a depth of 30m in under 5 minutes. Users can achieve greater functionalities -essential to their offshore operations- by adding a myriad of inspection, navigational, and measurement tools.

Utilizing the Station Lock Module attachment, operators gain an adaptive system allowing the FIFISH to remain in its locked position against currents and other underwater interferences with unparalleled accuracy and precision. The rugged and powerful capabilities of QYSEA’s small-sized ROVs allow users to take on tasks typically done by considerably larger vehicles.

Object Tracking & Identification

The advanced imaging sonar attachment for the FIFISH ROVs helps the operator effectively identify short-range and long-range objects in turbid conditions with dual-frequency capability. Operators can easily identify important elements of the offshore structures and proceed to approach inspections with greater detail.

QYSEA’s self-developed Vision Lock function is a pioneer technological feature through the FIFISH APP. Vision Lock feature unleashes a range of intuitive capabilities that keep your subjects securely in focus. By utilizing the Dead Reckoning navigation process, the FIFISH ROV accurately determines the positions of objects and delivers highly stabilized movements to adaptively lock areas in real time.

Multi-collaborative Operations

The installation of essential submarine cable systems -responsible for transmitting power between the turbines and power stations- is as efficient as ever through the operational tandem of the FIFISH’s small and mid-sized ROVs.

Installing bend restrictors for the submarine cables requires the larger-sized W6 ROV to operate from the outside, using its powerful motors, adaptive stability system against currents, and a rugged robotic arm to work through currents and bring the tow rope through the entrance slot of the wind turbine’s pile foundations. Within the working platform of the wind turbine, operators can release the V6 PLUS ROV down to the compact spaces of the monopile foundation, using its high-precision robotic claw to retrieve the tow rope from the and pull it back up to the platform.