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ROV stands for Remotely Operated Vehicle. It is an underwater robot, sometimes known as a remote controlled submarine, controlled by pilots via a (GCS) Ground Control Station. The ROV is connected to the GCS by a cable, called an tether, that contains lines running communications and power to the vehicle.
Our ROVs have a full color 4K Ultra High Definition camera as standard, with a secondary 4K camera mounted to provide redundancy.
Underwater drones are useful for a large variety of commercial interests. Gas and oil companies often use them to explore areas that are being considered for drilling and to check those already being drilled at. Oceanic research foundations and organizations use underwater drones for searching and analysing the seafloor. Those with infrastructure underwater also use them. Drones are used to monitor pipes that lay underwater and help provide oil and other essential services to society. The Aquaculture industry is using underwater drones for a more efficient performance of net inspections, lighting, feeding, troubleshooting and stock monitoring. The use of underwater drones has proven to be a cost effective way to ensure healthy fish crop, efficient harvest and environmental protection. ​ In commercial diving and inspections divers safety is top priority and underwater drones allow them to perform inspections in enclosed spaces, including tanks, pipes and intake structures without the risks associated with the job. As technology continues to progress, underwater drones are continuing to evolve. Accessibility to them has caused their use to rise. They are expanding into all manners of ocean-based industries.
We use ROV’s that have been designed to be a completely portable system by placing lithium-ion batteries inside the ROV and controller. This internal system eliminates the need to bring a power supply!

All of Underwater Robotics Australia ROVs take high definition video and 12 megapixel photos on an SD card that is either on board the ROV or/and the handheld controller. The controller also has HDMI, Ethernet and USB outputs that can be used to display the video on larger monitors, on laptops and to live stream the footage. The footage can be streamed live through internet-connected devices using broadcast software (many options available!).

Using Underwater Robotics Australia gives you access to multiple tools and technologies and qualified and experienced people, to ensure the right solution for your underwater requirements. As one of the market leaders in underwater and aerial inspections we partner with clients to better understand their context and requirements and produce results that can be trusted and relationships that last.