Increase efficiency & save costs in fish farming operations.

Monitoring & Inspections

Deploying compact ROVs into the world of aquaculture has greatly reduced human-based and fish-breeding risks. Save money and time with live feedback from the FIFISH ROVs and its underwater camera systems. Monitor the feeding process, stock health and observe fish behavior with ease and efficiency.

In addition to its UHD camera system and bright lumen LED lights, utilise the FIFISH’s 360° underwater mobility to fully and thoroughly inspect all aspects of your fish farm operations, including the structural integrity, potential areas of damage as well as the overall fish farm environment.

Fish Farm Net Repairs

The FIFISH ROV and its range of professional add-on tools are greatly essential and beneficial for operators in the world of fish farming and mariculture, delivering a quick and efficient solution for repairing net damages.

With QYSEA’s self-developed AI Vision Lock feature, the FIFISH can quickly locate and lock onto damaged areas around the fishing net, and implement a quick repair operation with a range of add-on tools. Secure holes with ease and continue carrying out marine farm operations and inspections free from worries.

Mort Removal

Fish mortalities gather at the bottom of the pen and often do not make it to the collection system. Using the FIFISH ROV equipped with the mort removal tool, push mortalities into the mort pumping system or bring them to the surface.

The Mort Remover attachment by QYSEA is a specially-designed manipular tool for safely removing sick and deceased fish away from operating areas of fish farms. Simple to use and efficient to operate, effectively remove unwanted elements and prevent the spread of harmful diseases within your aquaculture operations.

Water Quality Sampling

Water quality management in aquaculture is vital, as farmed fish are highly sensitive to changes in parameters such as toxic substances, pH, oxygen levels, and much more. The range of quality sampling and sensing professional add-ons from the FIFISH ROVs ensure that operators can live and work with the confidence that your fish stock is developing at its optimum rate.

The water sampling equipment for the FIFISH allow operators collect water samples across different underwater environments at up to 350m below sea level, ensuring a thorough inspection of the fish farm operational areas. In addition, numerous sensors are also available to inspect the levels of the waters pH, salinity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity and much more.