Fifish V6 – Underwater Drone Kit with VR Head Tracking


Most popular underwater drone – QYSEA Fifish V6 Professional Underwater Drone Kit (100m tether) with VR Head Tracking, amazing movement ability thanks to 6 thrusters. What an ROV!

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Complete Freedom of Movement

FIFISH V6 delivers 360° omnidirectional mobility, unlocking maneuverability in all possible angles and directions. Explore and move with complete freedom in 360° rolls, pans, tilts, and lock the angle of your drone as you move across the waters.

Outstanding 4K Imagery

The FIFISH V6 camera system delivers users 4K UHD clarity, an 166° ultra-wide field of view, 240 FPS slow-motion filming, and colour enhancing algorithms that helps you see the underwater world in a new light.

Illuminate the Oceans

FIFISH V6 comes with a pair of ultra-bright 4000 lumens LED lights that gorgeously bring out the true colours of the underwater world, delivering vivid and vibrant visuals even in highly turbid and dark spaces.

Move with Precision

FIFISH V6s stabilization system delivers enhanced smoothness in its movements for a seamless operating experience. Capture your targets and subjects with ease, flexibility, and precision.

Simple & Seamless

FIFISH V6’s compact size & quick deployment lets you explore across the oceans with ease from the comfort of the shores. A safe and efficient solution that lets users seamlessly immerse into the underwater world with the touch of a button.

VR Intelligent Head Tracking

FIFISH V6 applies unique sensory controls, providing the user a truly immersive underwater experience from the ROV’s first-person perspective. Through the smart VR goggles, control of the V6 simply by rotating your head.

Dimensions 383mm (l) x 331mm (w) x 143mm (h)
Weight 3.9 kg
Thrusters 6 Vectored Thrusters (Q-Motor)
Maneuverability 6 Degrees of Freedom
Posture Lock Lock the ROV Pitch or Roll Angle with ± 0.1° Accuracy
Hovering Keep the ROV’s Suspended Elevation with ± 1 cm Accuracy
Speed Max 3 Knots (1.5 m/s)
Depth Rating 100m
Temperature Range -10 °C ~ 60 °C
Operating Time Max 4 Hours
Battery Capacity 9,000 mAh
Charging Time 1h Quick Charge (70% Capacity)
Charging Voltage 12.6V


Sensor 1/2.3” SONY CMOS
Megapixels 12MP
ISO Range 100-6400 In Auto/Manual Mode
Field of View 166° FOV
Shutter Speed 5~1/5000 Seconds
AWB (Auto White Balance) 2,500K ~ 8,000K
Exposure -3.0EV ~ 3.0EV
Photo Resolution 4:3, 4000×3000
Photo Format JPEG, DNG
Video Resolution 4K UHD: 25/30 FPS | 1080P FHD: 25/30/50/60/100/120 FPS | 720P HD: 25/30/50/60/100/120/200/240 FPS
Video Format MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, HEVC/H.265
Stabilization EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization)
Colour Encoding NTSC & PAL
Storage 64GB Standard



Brightness 4000 Lumen LED Lights
CCT 5,500K (Correlated Color Temperature)
Beam Angle 120°
Brightness Levels 3 Levels


ROV Charger Input 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 1.3A Max
ROV Charger Output 12.9V = 6A
RC Charger Input 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 0.5A Max
RC Charger Output 5V = 3A


Wireless Features 5Ghz Wi-Fi, 11a/n/ac
Battery Life Max 4 Hours
SD Card Support Format in FAT32 or exFAT (Up to 64GB)


Voltage 9 ~ 12V


Length 100m Standard (200m/300m Optional)
Breaking Force 100 kgf
Diameter 4.0mm
Spool Dimensions 238mm (l) x 213mm (w) x 205mm (h)