Explore and Dive with QYSEA FiFish Multi-directional Underwater Drones

What is all the hype about Underwater Drones? Well, much like the popularity of aerial drones, underwater drones or ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) are really taking off! Or should I say diving deep…. 

With so many uses and applications for businesses, councils, oil/gas, fishing industries and recreational purposes the current usage of underwater drones is only the tip of the iceberg. 

Unlike aerial drones, underwater drones don’t fall under any regulations at the present time. However, much like their aerial counterparts – they are super fun to fly and the coolest thing is being able to see what’s under the water, while you stay bone dry and warm.  

Often, because of poor conditions or OH&S in more professional settings, using an underwater drone can be the ultimate solution. Have a read of our other Blog on Drones (change name to title) and their uses in different scenarios

For others, who might not be able to enter the water, because of physical challenges or past accidents, underwater drones allow them to explore, share and enjoy the underwater world, as much as the rest of us. 

In any case, the long battery run time of the QYSEA FiFish drones enables everybody to explorer longer and deeper underwater.

So what makes one drone/ROV better than the next? They certainly are not all equal and some simply fly better than others. Price, size, convenience, quality, battery power, and capabilities all contribute to the best drone for you.

QYSEA, through their range of Fifish V-Series underwater drones, offer different ROVS that perform different tasks or have different capabilities. Whereas the V6 and V6S are popular with – but not limited to – the recreational underwater drone pilots, the V6 Expert and V6 Plus are mainly used in a diverse range of professional scenarios due to their added functionality and/or tools. 

In addition, there is also their “Big Brother” the W6 industrial ROV. 

The sturdy Industrial Case offers enough space for the drone and its accessories. The wheels and pull handles make it super easy to transport everything!

What makes the FiFish different from the rest?

For starters, the Fifish underwater drones are omni-directional  – that means these drones can move in any direction; they can move forwards and backwards, left and right, up and down, then they can also pitch and yaw and then they can roll – this is called 6 degrees of freedom. 

This movement capability really sets the Fifish drones apart from some of the competitors and gives pilots complete flexibility and true freedom to fly the way they want to. Yes, it takes a little practice, however, there is a beginner’s mode, so don’t be put off. The Underwater Australasia Team is also here to help!

All units all have ultra-wide 166° field of view cameras – the widest in the drones, so you won’t miss a thing. 

The FiFish App is super clever and easy to use with heaps of functionality. Any future firmware updates can be easily installed on existing units through this App.

QYSEA also developed VISION LOCK in 2022 allowing the user to keep the drone focused on a subject, even in currents. Vision Lock keeps the drone steady, auto-adjusting the position of the drone, making piloting the drone so much easier.

Let’s dig a bit deeper into the different models available. 

QYSEA V6 Underwater Drone

The QYSEA Fifish V6 Underwater Drone comes standard with a VR Head set and a 100 meter Kevlar tether. This is a robust unit that offers 4K video capability with a 16 megapixel camera , 6 propellers, 100m tether and 4,000 lumens of light emits from the “headlights” of the drone – lighting up any subject – particularly at depth. The V6 is quick, manoeuvrable and FUN giving you the opportunity to view and record images under the surface for up to 4 hours. With 64GB of storage, you’ll be able to capture plenty of exciting moments. 

QYSEA V6S Underwater Drone

The QYSEA Fifish V6S Underwater Drone Kit has a Robotic Arm included – a “grabber” style claw. The V6S looks and feels like the V6, but has 60% more battery power than the V6 – with more than 6 hours of run time. 

Now this is where it gets interesting as the V6S allows you to do all the fun things the V6 offers and MORE – you can now retrieve items from the seabed, or salvage lost articles in bodies of water that no one else can get to. The robotic arm has some serious punch too; it’ll lift up to 10Kgs. 

For those of you that want to lift more than 10kgs….well, QYSEA developed a hook that can be deployed by the robotic arm rated to 200kgs (secured to a separate line). Perfect for those cray pots or treasures you find lurking below the surface. It too has 64GB of storage. 

Both the V6 and the V6S fit into our protective Industrial Cases that can be purchased. Those cases are sturdy and have laser cut foam inside. The wheels and pulling handles make it super easy to transport the drones, controls, tether and other accessories.

QYSEA FiFish V6 Expert – modular underwater drone

Next is the QYSEA Fifish V6 Expert – Underwater Modular Drone – as the name suggests, we’re moving up. This modular unit has a number of optional accessories to choose from that will add functionality. V6 Expert is typically used in a more professional environment where, for example, water quality or structural intergrety is being monitored.

The V6 Expert design is the same as the V6 & V6S but comes in Tech Grey and delivers more again. The Expert is capable of diving to 100m, but its lights have a combined brightness of 6,000 lumens. This unit takes a separate 128 SD Card under the shell of the drone. This allows you to quickly access files and/or swap SD Cards for a second or 3rd dive. The Expert takes a multitude of tools and accessories, including water samplers, pH testers and salinity sensors. Even Sonar and GPS can be hooked up to the V6 Expert. These are used by researchers, fish farms, tank inspectors and more. With measuring tools like laser scalers and compass rulers, this is truly a device for more than recreational use. 

The V6 Expert comes in its own case, but a larger protective Industrial Case with wheels and handles is an optional, handy extra.

QYSEAFiFish V6 Plus

What’s next – well from here we move to the QYSEA FiFish V6 PLUS Underwater Drone. QYSEA found the shape of the V series so successful that even the V6 PLUS maintains the same hydrodynamic and compact shape as the rest of the V-Series. 

The V6 PLUS has many tools actually integrated into the unit, so where the Expert can take one dynamic tool at a time, the PLUS has more of these already built in. This machine can descend to 150m – now we’re talking deep! The V6 PLUS comes in a heavy duty industrial case as standard, protecting the gear from the elements and ensuring longevity. 

The V6 PLUS boasts the SD Card port as well but also has integrated in it:

  • a Laser Scaler with 2 Red Lasers (set at 10cm apart) for measuring and scaling underwater objects, 
  • Smart Avoidance technology, so it will automatically avoid smashing into objects or rocky outcrops. You can set Distance Lock and the ROV will remain at that predetermined distance, allowing you to run the drone along a pipeline, as an example, while automatically maintaining the same distance. This just makes inspections so easy.  

Again a plethora of additional tools and accessories can be attached, expanding the tools available on the drone for that dive. 

Diving Deep with the W6

QYSEA FiFish W6 Pro

Yes, the QYSEA FiFish W6 Underwater Drone is definitely a PRO version. While Qysea kept the omni-directional movement with the W6, they beefed up its capability for heavy duty work. This machine is therefore certainly larger that the V6 series, but therefore the W6 can go to 350m, has 4K ultra high definition dual cameras built in and LEDs that blast 12,000 lumens of light on the subject, so at depth, detail can be detected.

The laser scaler comes standard with the W6 as well as 5 payload integration ports. The W6 can operate additional tools and accessories on the same dive. With her Distance Lock, Altitude Lock, Collision Avoidance and Terrain Scan, driven by an inbuilt sonar array, these features enhance the experience and provide a more stable environment in which to operate the tools. 

The W6 has a multitude of accessories that are ready to be integrated from GPS systems to imaging sonar. The W6 flies at 4 knots and can operate up to 6 hours (depending conditions and tools). Batteries are easily replaced in the field and support quick charging – keeping the W6 working longer. 

The new patented 6 Q-Motor system offers an even better flight performance. 

Summing up – QYSEA definitely has a drone for you, no matter your budget or application. At Underwater Australasia we also have accessories in stock such as the Sunhood for improved viewing in sunny conditions, GoPro MountsThruster Protectors200 and 300 meter tethers, Dozers for the V6, HooksHDMI boxes for live streaming and the Industrial cases for the Fifish V6, V6S and V6 Expert. And, of course, if you need to upgrade, service or are after additional personalised advice the Underwater Australasia Team will be more than happy to help.

From just $2,999 these drones can be purchased in Australia directly from Underwater Australasia – exclusive distributors for QYSEA in Australia.